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The Dental Bridge Procedure

Achieving a natural looking and realistic smile after tooth loss is possible with dental bridges. Dental bridges are one method used by dentists to fill a gap created by a missing tooth or teeth.
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During the first visit, our dentist examines the health of your gums and other teeth to evaluate if you are a candidate for a dental bridge. If you are a candidate for a dental bridge, you are given a local anesthetic so your dentist can prepare the teeth required to support the bridge. If the support teeth are decayed or badly broken down, your dentist may have to build them back up before they can be used as support teeth for a bridge.

Next, our dentist takes an impression of the prepared teeth with a putty like material that is used to create a model of your teeth. Your bridge is fabricated based on this model by a skilled on-site lab technician so that it precisely fits the prepared teeth. It is important that your restoration fit perfectly to avoid additional oral health problems such as tooth decay.

While your bridge is being fabricated, our dentist fits you with a temporary bridge so the teeth and gums can be protected from damage until your permanent bridge is ready.To complete the dental bridge procedure, you must return to our dental office for a second visit to have the bridge fitted and cemented.

Dentalbridges help replace missing teeth.  A dental bridge treatment is a series of dental crowns fused together to bridge the gap of a missing tooth or a few missing teeth.  Like a conventional auto or pedestrian bridge there must be abutment or connecting teeth on each side of the missing teeth or gap.  This allows the dental bridge (s) to be cemented or permanently placed in the mouth.  Dental bridges are made out of materials such as porcelain or porcelain fused metal.  Alternative but less aesthetic options include chrome dental crowns, or gold dental crowns.

Dental bridge treatment can replace as many as four missing teeth in a row.  Exceeding four teeth will put stress on the abutment teeth and could lead to root canal treatment or tooth failure as to much stress is put on the abutment or connecting teeth.Alternatives treatments to dental bridges include dental implants, root canal treatment or partial denture treatment.

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